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Barbara Lewis, MBA


Growing your business or launching a company starts with developing a plan: both a strategic plan and a marketing plan. I help companies determine their strategy and develop a path to their vision. In the many marketing plans which I have written, I work with companies on creating innovative strategies, communicating their value proposition and executing the action items, prioritized for the fastest growth. I have extensive experience in conducting surveys and focus groups, implementing databases, tracking media, conducting webinars, and researching markets and competitors.

I always liked math and, not surprisingly, my work is part left brain (analytical) and part right brain (creative). My goal is to constantly measure marketing success. I have worked with companies in marketing mix optimization, media mix and marketing productivity to determine which marketing activities generate business.  

Early in my career I worked as a journalist, where I wrote for many national newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal. I was also an on-camera television reporter. Today, I write articles, speeches, press releases, newsletters, case studies, collateral material, website content, social media and letters for my clients on a wide range of topics.

Ten years of debating taught me how to write succinctly and persuasively so the judge would give my team the win. Initially, I was dragged onto the debate team in junior high school at Torrejon Air Base in Madrid, Spain.  But I liked it so much that I kept debating through high school and college in Vermont. 

I parlayed my love for writing into a book, Get a Black Belt in Business, based on over 30 virtues that I learned studying martial arts for many years and how I applied those virtues to the business world. In addition to a black belt in karate, I have an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where I currently lecture.

We are well into the Electronic Age and racing into the Engage Age. If your mission is to engage your clients or customers, an excellent strategy with a comprehensive marketing plan can help you achieve your goal. Please let me know if I can help. You can find me nearly every day of the week from early morning until late at night doing what I love most marketing and communicating to help grow businesses.

Email me at barbaralewis@centurionconsulting.com.

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